Introduction to Making Resilience Work

Introduction to Make Resilience Work - Online Support Library

Using Resilience to Power Through Stress And Crush Your Goals


Giving Women Cyber Professionals the Tools & Courage to Dominate the Tech Space

Are you ready to OWN your career as a woman in tech?

As women in tech we’re fighting harder than ever against being marginalized, silenced, even ostracized in our work. Computing is the only STEM industry where female involvement is declining at a significant rate with a 13% decrease since 1988. (AAUW)

We belong in the good ol’ boys club. We have as much talent, potential, and right to make a difference through tech. We need to stay in this fight for each other and for the next generation of girls who love tech.

We need to make our Mojo: that quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.  In a high stress environment personal Mojo is rooted in personal resilience.  That's why we've introduced "Make Resilience Work."


Welcome to MOJO Maker

MOJO Maker is group coaching experience designed to give you the skills you cannot learn in any classroom or conference to navigate the unique challenges of being a woman in the tech space.

MOJO Maker is three levels of courses aimed at specific outcomes  that give you the flexibility of self-paced learning over the course of a year.  These three levels are your 1-2-3 roadmap for building your personal MOJO and becoming a MOJO Maker.  

You can start with Level I: "Know Yourself and Where You Are" and take an entire year to embody the content, or you can follow all three levels to fast-track your impact in as little as one month.  Which speed will you choose to make a difference?

Are you ready to become a MOJO Maker? Join our group to get started.

MOJO Maker will help you

Conquer any fear of failure or inner doubt holding you back so you can have confidence

Learn techniques to maximize your best attributes without apology

Connect to a like-minded community focused on advancing technical careers of women so you know you’re not alone

Reframe the challenges you face so you know how to respond in any situation

Find and strengthen your voice to stand your ground and fight for what matters

Reposition your mindset and mind-body connection so you have clarity and influence in any conversation

Make Resilience Work



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The Six Human Needs


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About Your Instructor

Karen Worstell

Karen Worstell

Founder and Lead Instructor of Make Resilience Work and MOJO Maker.

Corporate Security & Compliance Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Best-Selling Author, Conference Speaker & Cyber Executive Coach

Karen Worstell seeks to create opportunities for cyber pros in the critical field of cybersecurity. We do this through strategic talent acquisition, talent development, and organizational coaching on cyber optimization.
Thirty years of cybersecurity executive level experience as a cyber researcher, CISO, and consultant as well as an acute care chaplain ensures that you receive insight, objectivity, and well-researched knowledge that you can trust, and actionable information you can use.  
Karen has presented to Interpol, Lloyds of London, and Fortune 100 clients in Asia, Europe, Canada and the US.


Karen combines her compassion and training with her knowledge of the Cybersecurity profession to provide an insightful resource of all women
Marci D. Toler LTC (Retired), US Army


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